Shea Butter Skincare

Our skincare products are created to give you the results you want — moisture obviously!

Shea Butter Lip Balm at Twenty20 Skincare
Shea Butter at Twenty20 Skincare

Handcrafted & Healthy

Twenty 20 Skincare is an Ottawa based business featuring natural ingredients from Ghana. Our products offer you a healthier alternative to crazy complicated skincare products that are full of chemicals and have negative effects.

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About Us @ Twenty20 Skincare

The Shea Butter is what my skin had been yearning for a long time. It keeps my skin moisturized all day and makes my skin glow. The smell is amazing!


I love how the Shea Butter melts into my skin. When I use it on my body it smells edible and I feel luxurious all day long.


I love the Shea Butter because it keeps my skin moist and helps me a lot against my eczema. All natural, I also use it through my hair so it shines.


I’ve been using it in my daughter’s hair since she was 2 months old and it’s the only product I use for her, her hair loves it. My husband and I use it in our hair as well, I love the fact that the moisture stays in my hair and prevents it from dryness and brittleness.


Twenty20 Shea Butter has strengthened my hair and made it healthy enough to grow to its full potential. My skin is also clear and even-toned. It also doesn’t clog my pores like other moisturizers do.


I was very pleased with this product. Worth every cent! It seals in moisture, heals & protects your skin without nasty scents or chemicals that are absorbed into your skin.


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